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Research Interests

Dr. Mohamed ElZomor has more than 15 years of Professional and Academic experience in Real Estate Development, Construction Engineering and Management. His research was funded by National Science Foundation, Department of Transportation, and Engineering Information Foundation. Professor ElZomor’ research interests cover the following topics:

  • Sustainability of the Built Environment
  • Sustainable Development, Design and Construction
  • Social Sustainability (Human, Health and Wellbeing)
  • Engineering Education
  • Construction Engineering and Management
  • Energy Efficiency Measures and Modeling
  • Project Management – Project Delivery, Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Resilience for Extreme Weather
  • Construction Workforce Development


Current Research Projects

  • U.S. Department of Transportation through Accelerated Bridge Construction – University Transportation Center (ABC-UTC). “Alternative Technical Concepts for Contract Delivery Methods in Accelerated Bridge Construction”, 2020-2021. Award $86,072. Role: Principle Investigator; Contribution 85% effort. Received at FIU
  • National Science Foundation (NSF), RAISE: Convergence Accelerator program Pilot – Track B1 (AI and Future Jobs). “Preparing the Future Workforce of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) for Automation and Robotic Processes”, 2019-2020. Award $973,333. Role: Coinvestigator; Contribution 10% effort. Received at FIU
  • Engineering Information Foundation. “Advancing Engineering Undergraduates’ professional presentation skills through Multi-Context Communication-training activities”, 2019-2020. Award $24,783. Role: Co-PI; Contribution: 50% effort. Received at FIU

Previous Research Contributions

  • National Science Foundation (NSF), Collaborative Research Grant. Developing a Framework to Better Engage Students in STEM via Game Design. Award Number DUE 1504576, $176,183. PI: K. Parrish. Role: Graduate Student; Contribution: 20% effort.
  • National Park Service, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Arizona. Conducting a level III Energy Audit and Net-Zero Approach. $105,000.  PI: Nader Chalfoun. Role: Consultant; Contribution: 5% effort.
  • Construction Industry Institute (CII), Collaborative Research Grant. Developing a Project Development Rating Index (PDRI) Tool for Small Infrastructure Projects. Award $321,000. PI: Kristen Parrish and G. Gibson, Jr. Role: Graduate Student; Contribution: 80% effort.
  • National Science Foundation (NSF), Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM (TUES) program; Positioning Engineers for Urban Sustainability Transition Strategy Development. 2013-2017. Award Number DUE 1245205, $196,619. PI: Mikhail Chester and Co-PI: Kristen Parrish. Role: Graduate Student; Contribution: 70% effort.
  • National Science Foundation (NSF), Collaborative Research Grant. Integrating Sustainability Grand Challenges and Experiential Learning into Engineering Curricula. 2013-2016. Award Number DUE 1323719, $384,998. PI: Amy Landis, Co-PI: Kristen Parrish, Mikhail Chester, Braden Allenby and Thomas Seager. Role: Graduate Student; Contribution: 10% effort.